Plus ça change...

With a background in pure mathematics, I did a PhD in philosophy at University of Toronto. My dissertation, written under the supervision of Anjan Chakravartty, is on the metaphysics of modalities. From September 2008 till March 2013 I held an academic position somewhere.

To make a living, I have to work (alas). Besides giving private lessons in mathematics and philosophy, I am a part-time translator from English into Persian. My published translations include Hume’s first Enquiry and Locke’s Essay.

A list of my research work can be seen in PhilPapers. I am particularly satisfied with my indirect attack on Wittgenstein: “What he could have said (but did not say) about Gödel’s second theorem: A note on Floyd-Putnam’s Wittgenstein”, Wittgenstein-Studien, 12 (2021): 121-129.

I live in Tehran, Iran. In my leisure time, I read (very selectively) papers in ethics and flirt with certain logical issues.

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